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What is the weight of the Waydoo Flyer One?

12.6KG for the EPP board only. And around 35KG with everything put together.

How to assemble the Waydoo Flyer One?

1. Assemble the mast: Turn the EPP Board over to insert the Mast & Power and then assemble vertically into the board installation port. After inserting the mast-head into the hub, make sure it fits and aligns with the L-shaped bolts, and then tighten.

2. Attach the Tail Wing on the tail-end mounting hub and tighten the two M6*15 bolts clockwise with the 4mm Hexagon Wrench.

3. Put the Main Wing on the front-end mounting hub and tighten the two M6*24 bolts clockwise with the 4mm Hexagon Wrench.

4. Flip over the EPP Board and proceed to the next step.

5. Installing the PowerFlight Cell: Position the battery compartment upward and reset both Rotary Locks. Then insert the PowerFlight Cell into the battery compartment. Turn both Rotary Locks 180-degree to securely lock the battery in place.

6. Connect the controller (follow the pairing process)

How to pair the remote controller and the mast?

Help document: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1saMLiQzMkLDHhGS_gbAmqZU5MlDJ6FhY/view?usp=sharing

You've successfully turn the battery and the remote ON. Now it comes to paring:

1) battery: short press + long press the Bluetooth button of the battery to change it into paring mode.

2) remote: press and hold the power button and the speed minus button (-) to activate Bluetooth paring function.

If the battery and remote are paired successfully, you will see the icon of Bluetooth disappear on your remote's screen and the propeller will spin if you gently pull the trigger.

By the way, you will need to complete the paring within 1 min after the battery is turned on, otherwise the battery will turn off automatically.

What should I do if my WFO lacks power output?

Please check the spinning of the propeller by your hand when the whole product is TURNED OFF, and see if the spinning is smooth and in good order, or whether there is anything stuck there.

Then check the speed setting mode of your remote. Press the "+" and the "-" buttons to enter the Menu screen. Use "+" and "-" to scroll up and down, and the power button to confirm. Enter the "Mode" setting and see if the limited speed mode is on. Change the setting as you want.

If the problem is still not solved, please stop using and contact after-sales service in time.

How do I mantain my WFO?

Regularly check the waterproof components (such as the controller, the battery, and the mast head) for damage and the status of each module of the power system and control system.

1. After using the product, turn off the remote/controller and battery.

2. To clean the Power Assembly & Wing Set, align the water inlet of the motor mount with a freshwater pipe, and clean the motor mount for approx. 30 seconds to ensure that the motor mount is clean and free of debris. Next, clean the motor shroud, propeller, and propeller guard. Afterward, clean the mast plug. Make sure to remove any salt, sand, or other debris that is found. Finally, clean the mast.

3. Clean the board, battery mounting position, and the mast mounting base and other parts with fresh water to ensure that there is no salt, sand, or other debris remaining. Wipe with a dry towel and let it sit in a dry environment to remove the remaining water.

4. Clean the battery, battery integrated ports, and buttons with fresh water. Use a dry towel and let it stand in a dry environment to remove the remaining water.

5. Clean the remote control. Pay special attention to the location of the remote control trigger. If you find that there is a jam when pulling the trigger, check whether there is any sand in the trigger. If so, rinse the sand out with clean water.

6. After cleaning, wait for the moisture of all parts to dry before putting the parts back into the package.

7. When storing this product, avoid direct sunlight. Ultraviolet rays and high temperatures will cause permanent damage to the product.

8. To ensure safety, make sure to turn off the remote control and battery when transporting this product.


Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide with a few exceptions etc. Please contact us for info if you live in a restricted country.

How long does it take to ship?

We ship to most locations within 1-2 weeks, 3 weeks at the most if it's a remote location.

What about taxes and import duties?

The taxes, import duties and import licenses different from country to country and are the responsibility of the purchaser. Please contact us, and we can assist with navigating the import of your HydroFlyer‚ĄĘ for each purchaser.

My question has not been answered?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, we are here to help you get set up and flying in no time.


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