• Riding with Eric Murray (Olympian)

    Riding with Eric Murray (Olympian)

    The Manta5 team took out 2X Olympic Gold Medalist, Eric Murray, to test out the Hydrofoiler’s three levels of electric assist. Eric is as fit as they come, and at 6’5, weighing just under 100kgs he really put the Hydrofoiler through its paces. Check it out in the video below!    
  • CEO Greg Johnston Podcast Interview

    CEO Greg Johnston Podcast Interview

    Get into the mind of Manta5 CEO, Greg Johnston, as he shares on Startups, failures, validation, assumptions and more on the Stag Roar Podcast with Ryan O’Connor. Gain an insiders perspective on what it takes to create and commercialise a world-first that innovates on so many fronts. “The only things that make this a bike is the handle bars, pedals and seat. Everything else...
  • Hutchwilco Boat Show 2018, New Zealand

    Hutchwilco Boat Show 2018, New Zealand

    Not to miss an opportunity to have some hydrofoil chat and showcase our Hydrofoiler™ XE-1, we were off to the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show. The four day expo at the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland saw every different water vessel you could think of, including our Hydrofoiler™ XE-1 eBike. From Left: Samaria Mason – Supply Chain and Operations Co-ordinator, Louis Wilks – Marketing Manager,...
  • Manta5’s Hydrofoil Bike at Big Boys Toys, New Zealand

    Manta5’s Hydrofoil Bike at Big Boys Toys, New Zealand

    After some final touches to the Hydrofoilers™, we were on our way up to the ‘big smoke’ to showcase the Hydrofoiler™ XE-1 at Auckland’s Big Boys Toys. Many weeks of preparation had been leading up to the three day event and we were ecstatic about our first public launch. The enormous amounts of positive feedback we received throughout the three day expo certainly validated...
  • Meet The Man Who Cycles On Water – Redbull Interview

    A car is a motorboat, and a motorbike a jet ski, but what’s the on-water equivalent of a bicycle? We talk to the innovator who could have the answer – the world’s first hydrofoil bike, the Hydrofoiler™ XE-1. Growing up in England, Guy Howard-Willis used to source parts from the local rubbish dump to build bikes with his mates. He’s always wondered why you...
  • University of Waikato Play Pivotal Role at Manta5

    University of Waikato Play Pivotal Role at Manta5

    The Manta5 Hydrofoiler™ has just won ‘Gold’ in the prestigious Best Awards, thanks in part to seven Waikato Alumni. The Manta5 Hydrofoiler™ is the brain-child of Guy Howard-Willis – Founder of Torpedo7 and 1-day.co.nz – which has been brought to life by Roland Alonzo, an accomplished bicycle designer with a passion for cutting-edge technology and design. Roland and the Manta5 design team have cleverly...
  • Manta5 Celebrates Pre-sale Launch

    Manta5 Celebrates Pre-sale Launch

    After beginning our first ever pre-sale on the 28th February 2018, we thought what better way to celebrate our success so far than with an official launch party. What was first planned to be a small staff celebration then grew to be a large event with more than 150 guests. We decided this would be the perfect opportunity to not only celebrate within the...
  • New Zealand South Island Tour

    New Zealand South Island Tour

    A Journey to the Deep South Cold, Wind, Rain and whole bunch of fun! This accurately sums up Manta5’s recent trip to the South Island. Only having 12 days, 4 main destinations and well over 3,000km’s of travel ahead, our riding crew had a full loaded itinerary ahead of them. When checking the reports, weather predictions were looking grim. Two large low pressure systems...
  • Manta5 Goes Viral

    Manta5 Goes Viral

    Recently, Manta5 posted a video of our prototype in action. This video was originally intended for R&D purposes only, and all it did was showcase the basic features of the bike. The team was blown away when the video gained 240 million views between October 2017, and February 2018. For us, this is the ultimate validation of what we were doing. We already love...
  • Manta5 Takes Gold at 2017 Best Design Awards

    Manta5 Takes Gold at 2017 Best Design Awards

    What initially began as a six month project has turned into a life changing experience for all involved. The Hydrofoiler™ XE-1 was nominated, and won, Gold in the ‘Concept’ category at the 2017 New Zealand Best Design Awards. The win was great piece of validation for our design team. The whirlwind of attention we have had as a result of the awards has been...
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