• Manta5 Goes Viral

    Manta5 Goes Viral

    Recently, Manta5 posted a video of our prototype in action. This video was originally intended for R&D purposes only, and all it did was showcase the basic features of the bike. The team was blown away when the video gained 240 million views between October 2017, and February 2018. For us, this is the ultimate validation of what we were doing. We already love...
  • Manta5 Takes Gold at 2017 Best Design Awards

    Manta5 Takes Gold at 2017 Best Design Awards

    What initially began as a six month project has turned into a life changing experience for all involved. The Hydrofoiler™ XE-1 was nominated, and won, Gold in the ‘Concept’ category at the 2017 New Zealand Best Design Awards. The win was great piece of validation for our design team. The whirlwind of attention we have had as a result of the awards has been...
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  • Partner Interview: Copenhagen Cycles

    Partner Interview: Copenhagen Cycles

    With Summer just around the corner, get to know our awesome Partners over in the US and Europe who can help you with all your hydrofoil bike needs. First up, the team at Copenhagen Cycles (with a pretty great story about their second ever foiling experience, some fishing line and the prop…) 1. Tell us a bit about yourself and the team at Copenhagen...
  • Customer Ride Day (New Zealand)

    Customer Ride Day (New Zealand) December 2019 marked the milestone event of successfully delivering our limited unit pilot production to customers here in New Zealand. Since then, the feedback has been fantastic and is already driving changes being implemented into our mass production hydrofoil bikes. With our earliest adopters of this world’s first product being right in our backyard and having had their bikes...
  • Product Update – December 2019

    Product Update – December 2019

    Product Update – December 2019 Product & Delivery Update As we near shipping out the first ever hydrofoil bikes to our Kiwi customers, the team have never been busier and we couldn’t think of a better way to close what has been a massive 2019 for Manta5. Our pilot production assembly is 90% complete with only the buoyancy modules still to be assembled before...
  • Product Update – August 2019

    Product Update – August 2019

    Production Update The team is working harder than ever preparing for the New Zealand pilot delivery for November 2019. This pilot delivery is a huge milestone for Manta5, marking the end of an 8 year journey to create a product that replicates the cycling experience on water. And for you, this pilot means we’re one step closer to delivering a quality, market tested bike...
  • Manta5 Founder TEDx Talk

    Manta5 Founder TEDx Talk

    Manta5 founder, Guy Howard-Willis recently spoke at the TEDxRuakura event in September 2018. To learn more about what it took to create the world’s first hydrofoil bike and his dedication to make a dream a reality watch below.    
  • Product Update – January 2019

    Product Update – January 2019

    Company Update We’ve had a busy and exciting start to 2019. We continue to push production of our pilot run, while our R&D team develop new features to enhance the ride experience. This month our battery housings were delivered. It’s one of the first production components to arrive (and a far cry from the 3D-printed prototype). Our battery holder will have welding plates covering...
  • USA Scouting Trip

    USA Scouting Trip

    In April Manta5 CEO, Greg, and Marketing Manager, Louis, headed over to the United States for a month long scouting trip as the company looks towards expand into some key U.S. markets this year. The pair traveled around from Santa Monica to San Diego, San Fran to Lake Tahoe and then went onto Miami and finally Orlando. Among it all the team managed to...
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