95% Increased Propulsive Efficiency
Switch Between Wings

The Explorer Wing
Wing Area : 1640cm²
Steady and smooth cruise
Suitable for beginners

The Patroller Wing
Wing Area : 1096cm²
Nimble and manoeuvrable
Perfect for seasoned riders

Two Mast Sizes

The Explorer Mast
25.6 Inches / 65m
Higher Stability
Easy to get started on

The Patroller Mast
31.5 Inches / 84cm
Fly higher. more challenging
Perfect for surfing on waves

Smart Battery

Battery Type : Lithium-ion Battery
Max. Power Output: 6000w
Max. Capacity: 32,500 / 1,683Wh

Charging Time: 2 Hours
Maximum Speed: 40km/h
Maximum Range: 35km
Maximum Runtime: 2 Hours

Waydoo Flyer One PLUS

Our redesigned propeller has been optimised to give you the ultimate cruising experience.
The new propulsion system produces 95% more thrust and efficiency than the Waydoo Flyer ONE.
The result is a more powerful propulsion system that enables the eFoil to reach exhilarating speeds of up to 40km/h with up to 120 minutes ride time.

Lighter Yet Stronger
The Ultimate e-Foiling Thrill

To give you a smooth, easily maneuverable, and rock-steady ride, our boards come wrapped up in an aluminum alloy frame that has been re-engineered, through rigorous analyses and simulations, to make the board 3.5kg lighter while increasing their rigidity by 60%.

Upgraded Chipset
Enhanced Connectivity

The upgraded chipset inside the Flyer ONE Plus Controller and the mast enhance the Bluetooth connectivity between the controller and the power unit, making the connection more stable than ever.

Fully Charged
Maximize Your Ride

With a fully charged Waydoo Flyer ONE Plus, you can now enjoy up to 120 minutes of ride time, allowing you to have more fun foiling in the water than ever before.

Travelling with Ease

All of the accessories required for assembly fit perfectly inside the wheeled EPP Carrying Case. And the board is easily strapped to the case, making traveling with your Waydoo Flyer One Plus a breeze.