Waydoo EVO Propulsion Unit
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Waydoo EVO Propulsion Unit

    Waydoo EVO Propulsion Unit

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    Quiet, Modular for Easy Servicing

    EVO Power Unit: 4000W and 6000W output options, quiet, modular for easy servicing.
    The EVO Propulsion Unit comes in three versions: Standard, Performance, and Elite. The Standard unit, with a 4000W power output, is designed for riders up to 130kg and is crafted using the die casting method for reliable performance. Both the Performance and Elite units offer a 6000W power output, capable of propelling weights up to 170kg. The Performance is also die-cast, while the Elite, made using CNC machining, features a sleek, premium appearance. Designed to pair with the 75L Master Plus board, the Elite provides the ultimate eFoiling experience. All units are easy to maintain and upgrade, ensuring a tailored and long-lasting eFoiling journey.

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