Takuma Battery 25A
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Takuma Battery 25A

    Takuma Battery 25A

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    The Takuma eFoil and eTow eFoil use an advanced custom battery to power an electric motor in a marine environment.

    The Takuma batteries, featuring high-performance cells, are compact, removable, built to last and easy to interchange during sessions.

    All our batteries are IPX8 water resistant.

    All Takuma batteries are compatible with all generations of the Takuma eFoils and the eTow. EFoil batteries are compact, removable and easy to interchange during sessions. They have a quick charging time with visible charging levels.

    Battery 25A - Lite: The 25A battery model is a smart power solution for your daily efoil sessions. It is the best compromise between weight , autonomy and performance. Autonomy: up to 60 min.*

    *Autonomy can vary depending on conditions, riding style and rider level.

    Technical Details

    25A Lite:
    Charging time in min: 3h30
    Battery weight: 10,4kg
    Flying time in min: up to 60' (subject to riders weight and level)


    Our product has built-in Lithium batteries. 

    Where to recycle your battery? 

    We have joined forces with Corepile France for the recycling of our Efoils lithium based batteries and aim to develop the same collaboration with similar companies the world over. 


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