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Unveiling Innovation: Introducing the Takuma Foil Assist

by Timothy Sabre on August 15, 2023

This week, Takuma made an exciting announcement, introducing their latest innovation – the Takuma Foil Assist. This marks a significant step for Takuma as they continue to push the boundaries in the realm of battery-operated foiling. Their dedication to this arena is evident through the successful launch of products like the Cruising and Carving e-foil boards, as well as the recent Takuma Etow.

In a market saturated with various e-foil and assist foil brands, Takuma's Foil Assist stands out as a remarkable concept. The company has ventured into uncharted territory by incorporating a battery seamlessly into the fuselage, coupled with a jet propulsion system for assistance. This distinctive approach sets them apart from others in the same space who typically rely on propellers for propulsion.

Noteworthy is the fact that this innovation harmoniously integrates with Takuma's proprietary front foils. This synergy ensures optimal performance and compatibility, underlining Takuma's commitment to providing a holistic and efficient user experience.

As we eagerly anticipate more comprehensive details about this groundbreaking product, our excitement grows. Stay tuned for further updates that will undoubtedly shed light on the exceptional features and capabilities of the Takuma Foil Assist.


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