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I stuck at the page of ‚ÄúHandheld/ Foil Upgrade Guide‚ÄĚ. The upgrade process won‚Äôt begin.

You must have missed some steps. Please read the guide carefully or watch the tutorial videos (refer to Q5 & Q6). Then restart the whole process from the beginning.

Can I use a remote controller and a mast that have different batches of firmware version?

No, you can’t. Even though this remote and the mast can get paired. The mast motor won’t respond to the signal from the remote. Please update the firmwares for both of the remote and the mast to the same version.

I just replace a new remote controller/mast. The motor of my WFO won’t respond to the remote now.

Probably firmware problem. Please refer Q14.

I could not upgrade my remote. There is a popup ‚Äúsending data failed‚ÄĚ when upgrading my remote.

This is because you did not press ‚ÄĚ+‚ÄĚ on the remote within 15s after pressing ‚Äúupgrade‚ÄĚ on the app. Please restart the app, connect the remote to the app, and make sure you press the ‚Äú+‚ÄĚ button within 15s after you press ‚Äúupgrade‚ÄĚ.

The upgrade progress bar stuck when upgrading the remote.

(1) If the indicator light at the bottom of the remote controller is still flashing, you can restart the remote controller, reconnect the remote controller to the app, and start the upgrade.

(2) If the indicator light at the bottom of the remote controller does not flash, you can only wait until the battery is fully discharged and automatically turned off. Recharge the remote controller and resume the upgrade.

What is the difference between the latest firmware version and the previous versions?

The latest firmware upgrade adds the function of battery upgrade. When the mast firmware upgrade has finished, the battery will automatically upgrade if it meets the conditions.

How do I upgrade my batteryÔľü

The battery’s firmware upgrade shares the same upgrade steps as the mast upgrade. Please follow the same procedure of mast upgrade to upgrade the battery.

How can I know that my battery is upgrading?

When the battery begins the upgrade process, the app will note that battery is upgrading, and you can see that the battery indicator lights are flashing.

What are new functions added after the battery upgrade?

a) Adding Healthy Charging Mode: Continuously short press the battery’s power button four times during charging, it will stop charging when the battery power level reaches 80%.

b) Adding Healthy Discharging: the battery will slowly release electric power to 70% of SOC for safer storage.


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