Waydoo EVO Powerflight Battery
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Waydoo EVO Powerflight Battery
Waydoo EVO Powerflight Battery
Waydoo EVO Powerflight Battery

    Waydoo EVO Powerflight Battery

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    Lightweight and Long Life

    Powerflight Battery: 36Ah and 45Ah options, aluminum casing, IP68 waterproof, built-in LCD display, safety upgrade.
    The Flyer EVO offers two battery options: a 36Ah and a larger 45Ah capacity, each encased in a robust aluminum alloy casing. The 35Ah battery, known for its lighter weight, provides agility and maneuverability on the water, while the 45Ah option offers extended run time for longer eFoiling adventures. Both batteries are IP68 waterproof and feature leak-detection alert for added reliability. Capable of reverse charging when paired with the inverter charger, they can serve as power sources as well. Additionally, the batteries incorporate optical signal transmission for more stable signal communication. The built-in monitor provides an intuitive user interface, offering real-time battery status updates.

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