Waydoo EVO Board Only
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Waydoo EVO Board Only
Waydoo EVO Board Only
Waydoo EVO Board Only
Waydoo EVO Board Only

    Waydoo EVO Board Only

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    Available November 2024, Pre Order Now 

    Explore the board options available with the Flyer EVO, each designed to meet your specific needs. Distinct options include Max Plus, Pro/Pro Plus, and Master Plus boards, with Max Plus, Pro Plus, and Master Plus boards featuring embedded sensors and GPS for smart eFoiling. The 130L Max Plus and 90L Pro/Pro Plus boards prioritize safety with durable EPP material, reducing impact risks. For agility and style, consider a 75L Master Plus board crafted from premium Kevlar. Experience enhanced maneuverability with the new handle design, and easily attach accessories like action cameras with the expansion hub. With a focus on safety, performance, and customization, the Waydoo Flyer EVO offers a tailored eFoiling experience.


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