Kujira Back Wings
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Kujira Back Wings
Kujira Back Wings
Kujira Back Wings
Kujira Back Wings
Kujira Back Wings

    Kujira Back Wings

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    Inspired by Humpback whales

    • Unmatched agility and acceleration

    • Exceptionally maneuverable

     • Smooth and stable on take off

    • Extraordinarily reactive effortless low and high speed control

    • Carbon wings for maximum stiffness, strength and durability



    140 / Precise turn control

    • Insanely agile
    • Designed to deliver the most minimal drag possible
    • Extremely responsive
    • Super light
    • Sharp turning radius

    (The back wing 140 is recommended only for the wing set 500)

    158 / Extreme velocity

    • The smaller size offers high acceleration and minimal drag
    • Increased maneuverability
    • Faster reaction in roll and pitch direction
    • Exceptional stiffness for high performance foiling

    178 / Enhanced carving

    • Delivers an enhanced carving performance with a really remarkable “release -feeling”
    • Curved arrow outline gives extra drive and comfort whilst carving
    • The iconic Kujira bumps create channels for smooth velocity at low speed and additional stability

    220/ Exceptional glide

    • Perfect combination for the 1440 front wing downwind machine
    • Added aspect ratio gives the right amount of stability while maintaining incredible speed
    • The strategically placed bumps allow for a fluid water flow and improved hydrodynamics for an exceptional gliding experience


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