2021 Takuma Aluminium Foil Mast
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2021 Takuma Aluminium Foil Mast

    2021 Takuma Aluminium Foil Mast

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     Smooth glide

    Takuma Mast Set Aluminum 75/85 refined thin mast profile and streamlined fuselage eliminates drag and delivers the most efficient of glides.
    This in turn increases speed, reflex during pumping and fantastic comfort during the flight.

    The fuselage design is more streamlined than ever. The mast has a new profile redesigned for efficiency and rigidity which minimises flex and drag and maximises comfort in flight.

    We have designed an innovative top plate for added strength that incorporates our new simplified and more efficient board mount system. It makes installation quick and easy, allowing you to maintain exactly the same position, each time you reattach the foil.



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