Board EPP Edition
Material: Expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam reinforced with an aluminum alloy frame Volume: 110L Weight: 12.6KG (27.8LBS) 6-month limited warranty * Price excludes shipping and sales tax/VAT.
Explorer Wing
The Explorer Wing enables foiling at a lower speed. It is best suited for beginner and casual riders who enjoy steady cruising. Material: carbon fiber Weight: 1.5KG (3.3LBS) 6-month limited warranty
Fast Charger
Fast Charger
Fully charge the PowerFlight Cell Battery within 2hours IP65 waterproof Input Voltage: AC 100~240V Weight: 7.18KG (15.8LBS) Operating Temperature: -5~40°C (23~104°F) 6-month limited warranty * Price excludes shipping and sales tax/VAT.
Flyer ONE Carbon Edition
Features: Top speed 40KPH Max run time 85 minutes Plug-and-play battery design 2-hour fast charger Bluetooth connectivity (compatible with the Waydoo App) Firmware updates via a custom smartphone app Modular design for easy transport Two-years limited warranty What's in the...
Flyer ONE EPP Edition
Waydoo Flyer ONE is a lightweight, powerful hydrofoil surfboard that allows the rider not to swim, but to fly above the water. The body is made of polymer foam, aluminum and carbon fiber. The board is controlled by a wireless...
Flyer Pod
Flyer Pod
The Flyer Pod adds additional protection and stability to your board, allowing you to master your eFoil faster than ever before!
Jet ONE Controller
Master the Flyer ONE with the Jet ONE controller. Easily control how fast you go with your fingertip. See your speed and gear in one glance at the anti-glare 1.54” LCD screen.  With a built-in GPS, the Jet One Controller keeps track of...
Mast & Power Assembly
The mast & power assembly unit is the amalgamation of the mast, fuselage, and a powerful propulsion system.  Weight: 8.6G (19LBS) Mast Material: anodized aviation-grade aluminum alloy Mast Length: 65CM (25.6 Inch) Motor Type: brushless  Motor Power Output: 6000W Motor Speed: 6000RPM...
Outboard Converter
The Waydoo Outboard converter converts your existing mast power unit and battery into an electric outboard motor.
Patroller Wing
The Waydoo Patroller Wing is perfect for more seasoned and adventurous riders. It allows for carving at high speed, a great way to get your adrenaline pumping.  Material: carbon fiber Weight: 0.9KG (2LBS) 6-month limited warranty Tax Included
Rear Wing
Rear Wing
Material: Nylon composite Weight: 0.3KG (0.7LBS) 6-month limited warranty Tax Included
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