Kujira 500 wing set
Kujira 500 wing set
Kujira 500 wing set
Kujira 500 wing set

    Kujira 500 wing set

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    Big wave riding.

    The Kujira 500 wing set with its custom fuselage 66 is a killer machine when it comes to tackling big waves and challenging conditions. Thanks to the revolutionary tubercle design, typical for the Takuma Kujira range, and its full carbon composition, the Kujira 500 performs exceptionally well in serious conditions.

    Fuselage 66

    While the Kujira 500 wing set allows for unmatched speed, the rider is still able to maintain a lot of control and do precise turns at speed with intense carving potential. This wing stands out for its insane agility and makes it perfectly suited for big wave riding. The Kujira 500 is a wing usually chosen by advanced and professional riders who are looking to challenge themselves.


    To enjoy your session the best you can, we recommend you position the foil at the back of the foil box.


    • Front wing: Surface: 500cm2 Wingspan: 55,4 cm, Chord: 11,5 cm, Aspect Ratio: 4,8
    • Back wing: Surface: 140cm2

    Technical Details

    • Full carbon wing.
    • Revolutionary tubercle design mimics the pectoral fin of the humpback whale which are known for their agility, power and efficiency.
    • Rounded, smooth-edged winglets for added control.

    Delivered With

    • 1x carbon front wing Kujira 500
    • 1x carbon back wing Kujira 140
    • 1x fuselage 66
    • wing covers