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    Flyer ONE PLUS Propellor Upgrade Kit - EOFY SALE

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    Upgrade your Flyer ONE mast to the Flyer ONE PLUS mast with this propellor upgrade kit.

    The new propulsion system produces 95% more thrust and efficiency than the previous Flyer ONE propellor. 

    Allowing for increased ride time as well as a 80% quieter ride than the Flyer ONE propellor. 

    PLEASE NOTE - there are two new propellors available for the Flyer ONE PLUS. (select the correct propellor before adding to cart)

    • Wide blade propellor - 80% more efficient than previous Flyer ONE propellor - With more thrust for heavier riders over 90-100kg.
    • Thin blade propellor - 95% more efficient than previous Flyer ONE propellor with approx. 15% more ride time over the higher thrust propellor. best suited to riders under 90kg. For riders heavier than 90-95kg using the this propellor may require a small amount of pumping of the foil to move from planing the board to foiling. 

    The kit includes all parts highlighted

    • Upgraded rear wing adaptor
    • Upgraded prop shroud
    • Upgraded thin OR wide blade prop
    • Upgraded prop spinner
    • Upgraded easy clip on/off prop guard

    Install instructions provided for quick and easy install. Please make sure that you do not strip the exisiting allen screws when removing your existing propellor, we suggest a high quality hex-plus ball end tool to remove the screws - like this or this

    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester