FAQ - Waydoo Flyer One - Controller
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Frequently Asked Questions

Controller : How to charge the remote controller?

1. This product uses magnetic charging to reduce friction between terminals.

2. When the charging cable connector is closed to the charging port of the remote/controller, the charging connector automatically connects in order to charge. The charging time is 3 hours.

Controller : How to switch Speed Limit Mode?

Step1: Press ‘+’ and ‘-’ at the same time; Enter Menu Surface (Power button- confirm; ‘+’ & ’-’ scroll up and down)

Step2: Confirm ‘Mode’ option

Step3: Confirm ‘Speed Limit’ option

Step4: Press ‘+’ or ‘-’ to switch the SL mode to ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’; then confirm.

Step5: Choose ‘return’ option; then confirm, until you quit the Menu surface. ‘K’ on the screen means the speed limit mode is ON. Use the same method to go back to Settings; turn the SL mode ON or OFF

Controller : Why does my remote controller show N/A?

If your remote is not paired to the board/battery, showing "NA" is normal. They have not connected therefore there is no speed readout. If your remote is paired but showing "NA" (no speed readout).

It's because the GPS signal is weak at the current spot, it may resume if you move to a spot with a better signal.

Controller : How to assemble or disassemble the remote controller?

check video here: https://youtu.be/T2MS_-ER6W0

Controller : What is the meaning of the error code on my remote controller?

“Err.1” = Angle sensor initialization failed.

“Err.2” =SPI Flash initialization failed.

“Err. 3” = Angle sensor and SPI Flash initialization failed.

“Err. 4” = GPS failed.

“Err. 7” = Angle sensor initialization, SPI Flash initialization, and GPS failed.

Controller : What should I do if the remote control connection appears intermittent during use?

Immediately release the trigger of the remote control to stop the motor, turn off the remote control, lay on the board, and paddle back to land using your hands.

Turn on the remote control and check whether the Bluetooth icon is flashing. If it is flashing, restart the battery and pair again using Bluetooth. If the problem is still not resolved, please stop using and contact after-sales service in time.


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