RS Red Wing Pack
RS Red Wing Pack
RS Red Wing Pack
RS Red Wing Pack
RS Red Wing Pack
RS Red Wing Pack

    RS Red Wing Pack

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    Kujira Helium Full Set

    The Kujira Helium is a real game-changer for new foilers, seasoned riders and anyone who’s looking for that one foil that does it all; wing riding in all conditions, prone foiling, SUP foiling, and downwind riding.

    With a carbon composite construction and lightweight helium foam core, the Kujira Helium is the most cost-effective/user-friendly performance foil currently on the market.

    The new smooth-edged winglets have been designed to be more efficient and less aggressive. The Kujira Helium’s medium size and medium aspect ratio fit the full range of riders, from lightweight to heavyweight, it is suited for everyone no matter your size and level.

    • Lightweight, versatile and robust
    • Impressive early take-off and huge glide
    • Stable and intuitive to control
    • Capable of maintaining altitude at super low speed
    • Smooth, controlled maneuvers, consistent even as you increase your velocity
    • Really natural power control
    • Feeling of auto-stability makes it extremely easy to learn new maneuvers

    RS wing

    Our master wing, born from the collaboration of legendary sail designer Robert Stroj, the RS will enhance your performance to unimaginable heights. Robert’s infinite success and background in making the best sails in the world shines a new light on innovations, creating a catalyst in propelling Takuma’s wing design possibilities. Offering fantastic upwind performances, stability and control, the RS will give you the confidence to master jumps and aerial rotations, allowing you to progress at a fast pace.

    It’s the goal of many wing foilers to be able to ride for hours without taking a break. Our new handle design successfully reduces arm pressure, to make lifting and maneuvers more comfortable, while still providing maximum control with high performance. The lightweight, ultra-stiff, carbon fiber handles offer very direct control over the wing.

    Thanks to the front handle's slanted angle and slimline oval grip it creates ergonomic handling and natural body positioning. This also improves upwind performance and power delivery as the wing can be kept higher and further away from the body, in turn improving sailing trim when in “switch” position. The long rear handle is purposely positioned parallel to the strut to allow for natural hand adjustment, by intuitively sliding along the handle instead of having to switch between loops. 

    • Airfoil profile
    • Direct control bars
    • Power tip battens
    • X-ply laminate

    BK Board

    This fiberglass version of our BK EBS has the enormous advantage of being versatile and efficient! The round and voluminous nose of the board provides an exceptional balance which favors fast take-offs and makes it very tolerant to ''touches''.

    Its hollow "G-deck" which allows the rider to be closer and very connected to the foil. It provides a better feeling of gliding and more control during maneuvers. Its racy low-volume tail allows effective kicks for precise take-off.


    Kujira Helium Full Set

    1500: Surface: 1500cm² / Wingspan: 91cm / Chord: 20,22cm / Ratio: 5,5 / Mast: 75cm / Fuselage: 65cm

    1750: Surface: 1750cm² / Wingspan: 98cm / Chord: 21,82cm / Ratio: 5,5 / Mast: 75cm / Fuselage: 65cm

    RS Wing

    2.8m  / 3.5m / 4.3 m / 5.1m / 6.1m / 7.2m

    BK Board

    Volume: 80L  /  Length: 5’6‘’ / Width: 25 3/8’’  /  Thickness:  5 1/2‘’

    Volume: 100L  /  Length: 5’8‘’ / Width: 26 1/2‘’  /  Thickness:  5 13/16‘’

    Volume: 120L  /  Length: 6'0"  / Width: 28 1/2"  /  Thickness:  6 1/16"

    *The BK 80 board and BK 100 board are both delivered with the Kujira Helium 1500.
    *The BK 120 board is delivered with the Kujira Helium 1750.

    Delivered With

    Kujira Helium Full set

    • Front Wing 1200 or 1500 or 1750
    • Back Wing 218
    • Mast 75
    • Fuselage 65
    • Screw set
    • Travel case

    RS Wing

    • Wing
    • Wrist leash
    • Backpack
    • Pump adapter
    • Repair kit

    BK Board

    • Board
    • V Footstrap
    • Straight Footstrap
    • Screws
    • Plastic washers