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Do I need a licence to navigate the boat?

Tanaruz boats are low-speed boats; to have a navigation licence is not reglementary. Nevertheless, the knowledge of navigation is advisable.

Can I steer the boat in the open sea?

The boat is designed for open sea navigating and has an EU certification permitting it to be in the open seas.

How often should I charge the batteries?

The batteries needs to be charged on a daily basis while using the boat. The battery discharge speed depends on the weather conditions, currents and winds. The average charge time for a battery is mentioned in the specifications.


What are the payment options?

There are multiple payment options: It is possible to pay in instalments, by debit/credit cards, and through bank transfer. We do not accept payment in cash.

How do you guarantee my payment data safety?

The payment data is stored at the company-protected server. All collected data is stored under the EU GDPR rules.

How can I cancel my order?

You have one week after placing the order to cancel it

Production/ Materials

How fast do you print it?

Under normal conditions, the printing happens in 5 days. The full delivery of the boat takes 2 weeks.

How do you guarantee the quality?

The quality of the print is controlled by EU safety standards and additionally controlled by an independent Dutch testing laboratory.

What do you mean by reusable plastic?

The polymer that we are using for printing is taken from industrial sites. Instead of throwing it away, we collect it and reuse it for the production of Tanaruz boats. Furthermore, to upgrade your boat, materials from the boat itself can be reused for shredding and reprinting.


What is the basic equipment?

The basic equipment includes state-of-the-art navigation equipment, taxing equipment, safety equipment. Additionally, the boat is fitted with internal and external lighting, basic furniture, a WC and kitchenette, and a 4-hours navigation battery set.

How long do the batteries last?

One battery lasts approximately 2 hours. Please note, however, that factors such as weather conditions, currents, waves affect the battery's discharge speed.

How long is the distance on one charge?

Two fully charged batteries can cover an average distance of approximately 50 km.

What is the comfort equipment on board?

The boat is equipped with a ventilation system, kitchenette, WC, comfortable seating and beds, and interior and external lighting.

Reprint/return & delivery policies

How can I reprint the boat?

To reprint your Tanaruz boat, you can simply bring it to us. We will shred and reprint it for you again.

How much does it cost to reprint the boat?

It depends on the size you want to reprint. In general, the cost will be an additional 10% of the boat cost if you reprint the same size.

Under which circumstances can I return the boat?

You can return back the boat to us for reprinting if you do not need it anymore, or if you want to have a new available design or have it newly outfitted.

What are the delivery options?

You can pick up the boat at the production site, or we can deliver it to you.

Can I change my boat to another model later?

Yes, you can always upgrade your boat to a new one by simply reprinting the boat at any time you wish.

Safety & reparation

How do you guarantee life safety?

Safety is guaranteed through EU certification, independent strength check, and permanent monitoring of boat production.

What safety equipment do you have onboard?

Life jackets, life kits, breathing devices, and safety lights are all provided as standard safety equipment.

How can I repair the boat?

This depends on the damage level. In case of minor damage, there is a repair kit on board. In case of heavy damage, however, you can return the boat to us, and we will reprint it for you.

Technical Aspects

What is the Battery lifespan?

The battery life span depends on the size of the boat We guarantee 6 hours under normal weather conditions. We can adjust the number of batteries. Each battery costs ‚ā¨400.

What happens to the battery after?

20 years guarantee - you can also buy a boat without a battery without the electric engine.

Cost of new battery/where to buy new one?

A new battery costs ‚ā¨400 euro and you can buy it through us or by yourself.

Battery power warranty?

For more detailed information regarding the warranty on the batteries we kindly refer you to the supplier of the battery (Aquamot) athttp://aquamot.at/en

Accuracy of the discharge meter in the boat's dashboard

The discharge meter is highly accurate and allows for precise measurement of the battery charge.

Amount of moisture in the boat

We have ventilation in the cabin and bilge in the tanks resulting in acceptable levels of moisture in the boat.

Battery heating

The type of battery used is a Long-life Silicon AGM Deep-Cycle battery. While normal batteries have an operative temperature range of -10C to max. +40‚ĄÉ, operative temperature of the batteries used in our boats ranges between -25‚ĄÉ to 65‚ĄÉ with a self-discharge rate of a mere 2% at 25‚ĄÉ.

Type of paint/repainting the boat when damaged/paint costs

The colour of the polymer is integrated inside of the material of the hull so we don't paint them separately. When you scratch it, you won't see the scratch as no other colour will appear.

Can we lock the boat/battery compartment?

Yes, the batteries are situated in the battery compartment with a watertight hatch or flash hatch (in the double hull).

What about a dinghy? And is it possible to tow a boat?

Yes, it is possible, we have a towing client integrated in the deck.

Practical needs

Do the boats have boat fenders?

A fender is a bumper used to absorb the kinetic energy of a boat or vessel berthing against a jetty, quay wall or other vessel. Fenders, used on all types of vessels, from cargo ships to cruise ships, ferries and personal yachts, prevent damage to vessels and berthing structures. ÔŅĹ The S and DDM model already have it integrated in the design; for the other models, however, you can buy additional fenders.

Sunshading/windprotection on the outside

It depends on the model - our new DSi model has a windscreen but no sun shading yet - We can offer you the option to put one yourself for now.

Specific to the S model

Convert table side on deck to double bed

We have this in the sloop options and inside the cabin of S model. We don't supply tables yet - only beds.

Deep door boat entrance

We have a normal door (water tight hinged door).

Drilling a hole here and there

It is not recommended to do this, but it is possible and it's easy to repair if something goes wrong (however this is on your own costs)

Possibility to lock inside area

Yes, everything is lockable except external accessories. Please note, that all our models have storages for external accessories.

A pump

Yes, we have a bilge-pump ÔŅĹ both an installed pump and manual pump.

Boat balance

All our designs are certified for stability balance, so stability is guaranteed.


How do I clean my Tanaruz Boat?

You can use water and soap.

What is the overall technical maintenance/electrical repair costs?

Everything is on guarantee of supply - If the battery is broken we will replace it (3 years guarantee)

Where shall I store my battery during winter?

It should be stored in a dry place and not below -10‚ĄÉ.

Battery carrier

The battery weight is 70 kg

Is there a plumbing system on the boat?

Per request, it can be installed on the boat.

What type of engine do your boats have?

We supply the boats with Trend 1.1 engines, however, it is possible to use any engine you want. It is also possible to buy a boat without an without engine, for example.

What is the capacity of the batteries?

Depending on the type of battery, the weight on the boat and water conditions, the battery should last for approximately 100 km.

Does the boat have an outboard motor?


Does the boat have an Inboard motor?


Are there hatches on the boat




Hull and deck


Lines and guards


What plumbing system do you use on the boat?

The plumbing system on our boats comprises of a bilge pump.

Is there hardware included in the boat?


How many seats are there on the boat?

This depends on the length of the boat but 4 seats min. and 7 seats max. There is further room for luggage and water supply.

How many beds are there in the boat?

Depends on the length of the boat; we have cabins with 1 double-bed so 2 people or 3 if you squeeze.

What material are the tables made off?

The tables are all made our of real wood.

What mattresses are there on the boat?

For the beds, we supply cold foam mattresses.


Leather, canvas and cloth.

Are there lights and signal lights on the boat?



No not yet.

A pump

Yes, we have a bilge-pump ÔŅĹ both an installed pump and manual pump.

Are there cleats on the boats?

Yes, on the front, back and side of the boat.


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