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OZONE Team is made up of pilots including World Champions and National Champions. All are passionate free fliers and love the simplicity and beauty inherent in free flight.

Flying should be enjoyable. OZONE believes in providing you with the best ozone paraglider performance, safe and pure enjoyment.

Paraglider design & development has been driven primarily by competition pilots, who have always valued more performance than anything else over the years. Paraglider manufacturers are now spending huge amounts on developing paraglider designs for a small fraction of world's pilots. OZONE's research and development focus is on paragliders, which are available for everyone to enjoy.

OZONE's design brief for the glider is very simple. Aim to produce gliders with a safe ride and confidence for pilots, but that still retain the enjoyment of flying. All of R&D goes into the development of paragliders that are safe, responsive, and handle well at the speeds we usually fly. We believe in True Performance testing, so we can be confident that all paragliders we release to the general public perform well under real conditions. The true performance of your paraglider is more important than any theoretical performance edge. Ask any pilot who has flown our gliders to victories around the world.


It started as a group of pilots with an idea. Build wings that just do everything better: handle better, turn tighter, glide faster, and are more comfortable to fly. Balance all those together, and never compromise. The result is something most pilots can only dream of: the most potent fun factor in paragliding.

True performance is an overall quality ‚Äď a balance of ideals. A glider with the highest glide ratio on paper is worthless in active air if it has a fragile leading edge, if it is unstable on speed bar, or if it doesn‚Äôt turn tight when you need it to. Get a feel for the glider‚Äôs True Performance, and don‚Äôt be fooled by advertised statistics. You are the pilot: trust your feelings.


As pilots we know that this sport can be quite expensive. From the beginning of OZONE it was our aim to produce top quality flying machines and provide them to pilots though a dedicated dealer network at a fair, affordable price.

In order to achieve this aim we did not skip on the quality of the materials. In fact, as you will see from the materials page we have used the best that we think are available: helping to ensure the longevity, performance and value for money of an OZONE glider.

We think that it is important to support the professionalism within the sport of paragliding, so OZONE paragliders are only sold through a professional network of distributors, schools and dealers. We try to only work with people that are reputable and professional, providing you, the pilot, with a dedicated service. They should offer an educated, honest and unbiased opinion. We rely on their professionalism to make sure that you get the wing that suits your ability. They should also provide an after sales service should you need it.


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