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Flyer Upgrade Tools 1
What is ‚ÄúFlyerUpgradeTools‚ÄĚ?

‚ÄúFlyerUpgradeTools‚ÄĚ is an app that is developed by Waydoo and used for upgrading the firmwares of Waydoo Flyer devices. Upgrading firmwares can help solve certain device issues and improve user experience.

Where can I download the ‚ÄúFlyerUpgradeTools‚ÄĚ?

Please search ‚ÄúFlyerUpgradeTools‚ÄĚ in Apple App Store (iOS) or on Google Play (Android).

Please search ‚ÄúFlyerUpgradeTools‚ÄĚ in Apple App Store (iOS) or on Google Play (Android).

Permissions that the app asks for during the installation process, such as the Bluetooth, Read& Write and Wireless Data, etc.

When should I use ‚ÄúFlyerUpgradeTools‚ÄĚ to update the firmwares of my Waydoo Flyer ONE?

We recommend customers to always use the latest firmwares in order to have an enhanced user experience. The firmwares of the mast/foil and the remote controller should be updated together to make sure that they are using the SAME version of firmware.

When should I use ‚ÄúFlyerUpgradeTools‚ÄĚ to update the firmwares of my Waydoo Flyer ONE?

Waydoo Foil Firmware Upgrade: Learn more.

How to update the remote controller’s firmware?

Waydoo Handheld Firmware Upgrade: Learn more.

How to get a log file of my mast? I need to extract a log record to report a product issue.

For Apple device: Open the app, press ‚ÄúRequest Data‚ÄĚ, select the device, choose/input the time length of your log, then confirm and send the log to Waydoo with the default email setting in your device. For Android device: Connect the mast, press the LOG button on the upgrade interface, select the time length of your log, upload and confirm to send it to the back end. You will need to mark down the file name and provide it to Waydoo.

I tried to send my log file to Waydoo’s back end/Email but kept failing. What can I do?

Please check the app permission setting of ‚ÄúFlyerUpgradeTools‚ÄĚ on the mobile device/phone, including but not limited to Bluetooth, Read&Write and Wireless Data (or Wi-Fi). For Apple device users, please check the ‚ÄúMail‚ÄĚ setting.

My mast/board and the remote controller can not get paired.

For all connectivity problems, please update the controller and mast‚Äôs firmwares with the latest version of ‚ÄúFlyerUpgradeTools‚ÄĚ. Then try to manually pair them again.

My remote controller’s screen stays black after getting firmware upgrade. What should I do?

The Jet ONE controller has 2 types of screen -- 128mmx160mm and 240mmx240mm. Remotes with different screens require different firmware. Wrong version could cause the black-screen issue of a remote controller.
Usually the firmware upgrade app will auto-select the proper version for the remote. If your remote gets the wrong firmware, you can still fix this black-screen issue by re-upgrading its firmware.
Waydoo Re-upgrade a Black-Screen Remote: Learn more.

‚ÄúFlyerUpgradeTools‚ÄĚ can not find my mast/remote on the list of Bluetooth Devices.

1. Make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is ON and the app gets Bluetooth app permission.
2. Make sure that your mast/remote is powered on and NOT connected to any remotes/masts.
3. Make sure that other masts or remotes are turned off.
4. Re-open the app and click ‚ÄúScan BLE Device‚ÄĚ again.

I can’t update the firmwares because the app won’t read the Current Firmware Version.

Don‚Äôt mind it. Just click on the ‚ÄúUpgrade‚ÄĚ button and continue the upgrade process.


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