FAQ - Waydoo Flyer One - Battery
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How to charge the battery?

1. Unplug all the connectors and remove any debris from the charging ports, especially the battery.

2. Make sure the power supply is sufficient. Try with another power supply if necessary.

3. Firmly plug the charging cable into the battery and then place the battery facing upwards on the ground (so the weight of the battery will be put on the plug to keep it from getting loose).

4. Make sure all the connections are tight (the indicator light of the fast charger must be steady blue).

5. Short-press the Bluetooth button to activate the charging mode. (the indicator light of fast charger: blinking blue to blinking green)

6. Don't charge the battery right after use. (Always charge it when the battery has cooled down to avoid overheating).

How long should the battery charge?

How long should the battery charge?

How long does a fully charged battery run?

Up to 85 minutes.

How can I know when the battery is running out?

When the battery runs down to 20%, the board's top middle light LED lightning will start flashing.

How do I maintain battery?

1. Keep the battery dry and clean. Store the battery in a place that is cool, dry, not crowded, and out of direct sunlight. Store the battery in 10 to 30 degrees Celcius or 50 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. For long-time storage (over 3 months), please keep the battery level at around 40%-60% (2 -3 blue indicator lights). (not full or flat)

3. Charge once every 3 months and store it again when the battery level reaches about 50%. This will help extend the life of your battery. Never run the battery until it's completely flat, and always be alert when/if the battery alarm comes on.

What's the fast charger's light status indicator for?

1Solid Blue - Standby Mode

Blinking Blue - Connecting Mode

Blinking Green - Charging Mode

Solid Green - Fully Charged

Red - Protection Mode

Why my battery cannot be turned on after installing it into the board?

Please check the magnet. There is a small magnet located under where the battery is positioned. This magnet activates the on/off switch inside the battery case when the battery is placed. On a small number of boards, the aluminum fitting was not flushed with the foam, creating a gap. This results in intermittent power loss while using the board.

How to fix this problem?

Please follow these steps:
Step1: Peel back the top left portion of the sticker in the battery compartment
Step2: Pry up the magnet
Step3: Place a shim under the magnet
Step4: Re-adhere the sticker

How to replace a rusty magnet?

1. Put the [new magnet] on the mast head. Its polarity will confirm the magnet’s side A and side B (side A face up).

2. Gently peel back the top left portion of the sticker in the battery area.

3. Take a slim blade and pry up the [old magnet].

4. Turn over the [new magnet]. Put it on the magnet seat with making side B face up. You can use any kind of glue to fix the new magnet (recommend resin glue, soft glue) Then Re-adhere the sticker.

5. Magnet replacement is done.

What does it mean when the battery fault light turns red?

Check if the temperature of the battery is too high. If the temperature is too high, stop using it and wait for the battery to cool down before continuing to use it.

Check whether the battery level is too low. If the battery is too low, charge immediately. If the problem is still not solved, please stop using this battery and contact after-sales service in time.

Why my battery can not be charged?

First of all, check whether the fault indicator of the battery is on. If it is, please stop using this battery and contact the after-sales service to repair or replace the battery.

Next, check whether the charger indicator is flashing red. If the charger is in good condition, check whether the AC plug of the charger and the integrated battery port is properly connected. Tighten if they are loose.

Remove the orange O-ring from the battery port to make sure the connection is tight.

If the connection is normal, turn the charger over. Make sure the rocker switch of the electrical appliance is in the ON position and then the battery should be able to charge normally.

Why does the mast still get power and make a beeping sound after I turn off the battery?

Why does the mast still get power and make a beeping sound after I turn off the battery?


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