iAqua SeaDart Reflective Cover
The light-weight reflective cover is designed to reflect heat and prevent Stingray from getting too hot to touch if left out in the sun. With an anti-scratch material it is also a protective dust cover for the sad days you...
SeaDart Beach & Transportation Trolley
Weighing in at over 30Kg, Stingray can be a little cumbersome to carry on your own. We recommend getting the Stingray trolley to transport easily to the water’s edge. The trolley has been specially designed to be manoeuvrable on sand...
iAqua SeaDart Carry & Protective Bag
For transporting and storing the ‘Stingray’ we have developed a heavy duty bag to keep it safe and sound; whether it’s in the back of your car, on the beach, or pride of place in your living room. Prices exclude...
iAqua Fast Charger
If you really can’t wait for the standard trickle charger do its business, we have developed a supplementary fast-charger which will fully charge Stingray in TWO hours and charge to 75% in under 1 HOUR – just enough time for...
iAqua SeaDart Pro - Graphite
Pro finishes The iAQUA SeaDart PRO chassis, hull and body are all made from aerospace standard T-3000 modulus carbon fibre. This is the reason there are no colour options for the iAQUA SeaDart PRO… We want to show the carbon...
iAqua SeaDart Max+ - Lizard Green
The iAQUA SeaDart MAX+, as its name suggests is a maxed out iAQUA SeaDart. Capable of 21 km/h, diving to 30 meters and running flat out for 80 minutes. Using Samsung cells has allowed us to get way more power...
iAqua SeaDart Max - Arctic White
As Morpheus says in The Matrix “You have to let it all go, Neo. Fear, doubt, and disbelief. Free your mind.” Much like its namesake, iAqua Australia’s SeaDart Max will suspend your reality. Running 21km/hr underwater is an incredible buzz...
iAqua SeaDart Fun - Arctic White
Each component on SeaDart Fun has been carefully engineered to deliver maximum bang for your buck. In doing so, we have created a craft that belies its modest price tag with some eyebrow-raising stats. Whilst this is our ‘entry-level’ version,...
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