Upgrade you underwater experience with Subnado

by Bella Y on June 21, 2022

The World's Smallest Portable Underwater Scooter Is Here!

With its compact size, you can have this toy anywhere with you. Have fun underwater with its minimum size, but maximum power that makes it easy for you to maneuver and navigate.


Look at these 5 powerful features that this mighty adventure toy has:

1. Covered with an aluminum alloy body - Subnado has been designed to efficiently provide you with a smooth, powerful underwater propulsion system that you can maneuver it with only one hand or with only one wrist.

2. Compact & Portable - Bring along this underwater scooter to your travel destinations as its batteries are airline approved, so they can fit perfectly in your carry-on luggage. It has a set of built-in 99-watt hour batterie, but it only weighs 1.4 kilograms. Isn't that amazing?

3. Minimum size, maximum power - this can operate to depths of 60 meters and speeds of up to 1.4 meters per second, giving you the ultimate underwater thrill.

4. Industry-leading Technology - with its super fast recharge feature, bringing your Subnado to 80% takes just 50 minutes, and going from zero to 100% can be completed in just 80 minutes.

5. GoPro Compatibility - You can capture video footage during your dive with its GoPro compatible mount. Explore the underworld and record your underwater experience with this portable device.